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Color: Gold
Beyond disposable, it's an extension of your essence. Crafted from the La Marque collection, it embodies simplicity and durability, free from fading mechanisms or plastics. It's designed to be your signature pen, representing you at every pivotal moment.
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What is the La Marque Quadrum made out of?

The Quadrum Pen is meticulously crafted from brass, offering a durable and elegant design that emphasizes longevity.

As part of the La Marque collection, it stands as a premium, sustainable choice.

Do I need a special insert for my La Marque Quadrum Pen?

No special insert is required for the La Marque Quadrum Pen. It supports standard European format refills, offering a broad selection such as OHTO C-305, Schneider Topball 850, and more. Please note that the pen does not come with ink.

What is the 30-day happiness guarantee for the La Marque Quadrum Pen?

Our La Marque Quadrum Pen comes with a 30-day happiness guarantee. If you're not fully satisfied with your purchase within 30 days, we offer a hassle-free return process to ensure your satisfaction. Our goal is for you to love your writing experience.

0 Plastic. All brass.


For the moments that truly matter

Every signature tells a story of ambition and grace, designed for those who write their own paths.

Bridging Generations

A treasure to be passed down, embodying the bond between generations with unmatched elegance.

Write the future. Own the moment.