Our goods are thought out and designed to make our daily journeys and experiences more efficient and enjoyable. That is why we aim to craft all Tefors goods to blend seamlessly with our lifestyles, both on the paved city streets as well as on those longer journeys of discovery.


Versatility stands at the core of each Tefors bag. If it's in our collection, then we believe is worth owning.


Our accessories are defined by minimalist, subtle lines that give the goods a rich character.


As sneakerheads, we decided to combine the feel of a sneaker with the looks of a dress shoe.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
I literally just received the bag and finished truly admiring the wonderful craftsmanship of it all. Could not believe you were able to get it engraved even though I had switched my mind what felt like a dozen times on color. Thank you so much, this is one masterpiece of a bag I will take the utmost care for.
— Keon C.
Customer reviews
My Union bag is still going strong after almost five years of use. I take this bag to court with me daily and fits perfectly my laptop, documents, my robe and other stuff. I always get compliments for it especially from other lawyers that have to carry their robes draped around their hands.
— Joanna B.
Customer reviews
this bag is just a work of art, it is so perfect i mean the canvas is awesome and the leather is just as beautiful.. and the two combined.. oh my god it iss heavenly !! Everything fits perfectly and the finishes are flawless, truly a masterpiece
— Joanne B.

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