Flex 2.0

€149.00 €199.00


We completely redesigned a classic Oxford shoe to combine the looks of an elegant office shoe, with all the comfort features of a flexible & light sneaker.

The need to be constantly on the move motivated to create a shoe that can do it all, without having to continuously change your footwear to either fit in or feel comfortable.

THIS IS A PRE-ORDER. Please keep in mind that you are pre-ordering your Flex 2.0. Delivery is estimated to take place at the end of February 2023. The price will be €149 / $160 once Flex 2.0 is in stock.

The 24Hr Work Shoe That Feels Like a Sneaker

We asked ourselves why most of the things around us become so convenient & comfortable, while the business shoes still feels like you're walking on a plank of wood.

As sneakerheads, we decided to combine the feel of a sneaker with the looks of a dress shoe.

Your Flex 2.0 Features

Walk On Recycled Plastic & Cork

It will not change the world, but it’s a step in the right direction. Flex 2.0 comes with a number of soles that are made from recycled plastics & cork.