All you need to now about your ultimate bag

Thank you for buying our Ultimatum Bag. We have created this page specially to ensure you make the most out of your bag!

The Ultimatum Bag for the ultimate you!

How many add-ons can the Ultimatum bag carry at the same time?

It is designed to carry two cubes, plus the Smart Organizer. The
exterior dimensions of the Camera/Food cube and that of the Compression Cube are the same, so you can also carry two cubes with the same functionality at the same time.

What Laptop Sizes can the Smart Organizer fit?

The Smart Organizer can fit laptops up to 16 inches in size. The dimensions of a 16-inch MacBook Pro are 35.79 x 24.59 x 1.61 cm (14.09 x 9.68 x 0.64 inches). Anything smaller than this should fit perfectly.