iPhone Case X & XS

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iPhone Case X & XS

After a long think, we decided it was time to design a great iPhone X / XS case. A simple one, but a great one.

The world surely has no lack of iPhone cases, so why did we decide to make one? We believe in the so called mm shifts. The small tweaks that lead to an overall better experience.

That’s why our case is relatively thin, but not thin, because at the end of the day we want our phones to be protected.

It has all-round protection for the phone, including the bottom part and very importantly, the case is ever so slightly taller than the front of the screen so it also offers protection in most front facing falls. Now you can pick up your phone from the ground and turn it around to look at the screen with a bit more courage.

Of course, as you know we are all about versatility. That’s why, on a night out for example, you can leave your wallet at home and just carry your one or two most important cards in the back pocket.