Belt REINVENTED | 4-Sided Belt



We believe in making less, but better. In carrying fewer things, that offer the most flexibility.

With belt buckles not having changed radically over decades, we set out to make one from scratch, a buckle that is truly unique. Both in design and functionality.

We created a belt for those of us that are commuters, that travel and for those that want to simplify their life by getting the ultimate versatility from their goods. Reengineered from the ground up, we have created the first belt that has 4 different styles in one single belt.

We value the end result as much as the process itself of making your Belt REINVENTED. The buckle is precision cut from a solid block of brass 2cm thick. Each brass buckle is then hand polished 3 separate times and welded manually in the heart of Italy, thus combining traditional crafting with the most advanced CNC machines in existence.