Flex 2.0

Comfort, elegant design, Italian leather, recycled plastic & cork, X-Light tech, padded interior, anti-bacterial insole, all day shoe.

1 x Flex 2.0 | Leather Shoe

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January 2023

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2 x Flex 2.0 | Leather Shoes

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January 2023

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As a backer of our project, you become part of our team and therefore we believe it is our responsibility to be transparent with you throughout the production process.

We want you to see and be by our side at every significant step from the point our campaign reaches its goal, to the moment the parcel is delivered to your doorstep.

That is why, just as we did in our previous projects, we want to assure you that we will keep you in the loop with regular updates. Below are some of the comments from the backers that made our previous Kickstarter projects a reality.

Where are the rewards sent from?

The rewards will be sent out from the European Union so backers within the EU and US do not have to worry about import fees.

What are the differences between Flex 1.0 and Flex 2.0?

First of all Flex 2.0 is built using a very different technique in comparison to the first model. In order to prioritize comfort and give it more of the feel of a sneaker, we replaced the soling process that was done under tension, with a different technique that applies no tension and doesn't, therefore, create the same degree of stiffness. This makes a significant difference in the way it feels.

In addition, we updated 70% of the strengthening materials and foam in order to maintain the look, but reduce unnecessary rigidity and weight.

One other important difference is the combination of stretch materials that are used that are around 30% more elastic. This means that they allow your foot to slip in easily and then hold it firmly in place. Personally, I've been testing Flex 2.0 prototypes for the last 6 months and have not felt the need to ever tie the laces. I have the laces on purely for aesthetics.

How durable is the outsole?

We had our sole tested and certified at the Portuguese Footwear Technology center and it passed on all aspects tested, including durability.

We are yet to have to replace a pair because of the outsole being too worn out. This is because we use a combination of two materials: X-Light and TR, which together provide a balance between softness and durability.

How should I choose the right size?

We are proud to say in our first campaign, 98% of backers chose the right size for their Flex shoe. That's why we are confident that you will too!

The first step would be to measure the length of your foot, just like it is shown in the project description. If your foot length in cm is right at the boundary between sizes, we generally suggest that you choose the size up for a looser, more relaxed fit.