Tefors Backpack


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The Tefors Backpack is part of our first generation of backpacks destined for the urban commuter that needs comfort, requires versatility and appreciates design.

Every detail was analysed into depth and we created a daily workhorse that comes with padded straps and back support, a separate access compartment for your laptop, another compartment for your documents, a zipped mesh pocket for accessories and of course, the direct access pocket for your gear and an expandable area. All of this in a single bag.

The Tefors Backpack comes with internal compartments that can be attached or detached in a moment to allow you to protect your gear or better organise your interior for carrying general stuff. One way to take advantage of this feature is to use the horizontal divider to separate the bag in two areas, each with its own individual access either through the top or the front.

One other element hidden in the design is the expandable compartment that allows you to increase the size by up to 40%. This feature can be save the day when you want to carry an extra jumper or get more from the grocery store down the block.

It is made from premium full grain leather and complemented with a soft graphite suede that makes it a unique detail of the Temporary Forevers collection.