Story Behind the Brand

Travel long, travel far.

Temporary Forevers is about the journey, about the experience. We long for those temporary moments that we remember for the rest of our lives. On our way to gathering these flashes of meaningful memories, as designers and creators, we aim to craft goods that will blend seamlessly with our lifestyles, both on the paved city streets as well as on those journeys of discovery.

With a team of born travelers, our designs are inspired by the things we see and experience on our adventures. Therefore functionality and a simplistic design are key factors that drive the handcrafting process of every leather good that we create.

We are founded upon a diverse design background, because we believe that only those not aware of their industry limits can break through the known and add a new perspective to a leather making craft bound by established tradition.


”The sum total of a craftsman’s experience”

When we say unique we really mean it because everything stamped with the Temporary Forevers mark is handmade so each is different to the one before, each is imperfectly perfect. What you see and what you feel in your hands when you get your leather good is a representation of the growth and improvement of the craftsman’s set of skills throughout its career span.

In other words, your Temporary Forevers good is the sum total of every product previously created by the craftsman and whether others see and admire it or just us carrying it in the middle of nowhere, it is all about that moment when you realise have something special, something unique.

Our artisans with over 20 years of experience take the leather goods through every step, paying attention to details and producing rich, unique products.

We Are Small, But Global

As a brand that was first born through Kickstarter, our backers carrying T. Forevers goods have become our ambassadors throughout the world.

Tefors In The Media

We are proud to have been featured in over 7O international blogs and magazines.